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    Investor Returns:

    Our most recent Quarter End: 4.821% 

    For 2017 Calendar Year: 4.97%

    For 2016 Calendar Year: 5.10%

    For 2015 Calendar Year: 5.26%

    Average for the past 5 years: 5.10% More

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    Real Estate Investments & Mortgage Lending

    Established in 1973, First Island Financial Services Ltd. is a pre-eminent commercial mortgage lender and real estate investment firm based in Victoria, serving Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Alberta.

    Whether the projects involve land acquisition, development, residential or commercial construction, First Island provides interim financing to property developers and builders. We achieve higher-than-average rates of interest for our real estate and commercial mortgage investors.

    For over 40 years, First Island has based its success on a thorough evaluation process of borrowing applicants and our in-house real estate investment and construction financing expertise. As a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), we hold first-class real estate mortgages and operate with proven investment criteria. More

    As a lender, we fill a needed role for builders and investors with funds available for all types of interim real estate financing. More

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