Why Invest with First Island?

Our Corporate Culture

Preservation of your Capital is our first concern;
How do we accomplish that? Registered security of First Mortgages only.

Risk vs Reward we currently achieve rates of ±5%;
Could we provide higher returns? Yes, but higher returns mean higher risks, this is not our culture.

Real Estate experience;
First Island has been successful in the mortgage lending/investing business since 1973. 

Local Ownership; 
First Island is owned by a number of successful Victoria businessmen, who invest their own funds along with yours. 

Specialized in Real Property financing;
Our in-house Mortgage Underwriter thoroughly researches a mortgage application then presents it to our Lending Committee. The committee is made up of no less than 5 members, each having a background in land development, construction, or an associated industry.

Expertise in Construction;
Lending to a maximum of 75% of the appraised project value. Construction loan draws are reviewed and inspected by Professionals to ensure actual work-in-place matches loan proceeds advanced.

Long term relationships with Builders/Developers and Investors;
We have earned the trust and respect from builders because of our strict lending guidelines, and the ability to see the builders' vision. Our Investors continue to enjoy the above average returns from the success of our select mortgage investments.

Better Business Bureau, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Financial Institutions Commission, BC Securities Commission, Urban Development Institute and the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia.

History and Mission

Established in 1973, First Island Financial Services Ltd. is Victoria's pre-eminent lender for projects involving land acquisition, development and residential and commercial construction.   By providing interim financing to property developers and builders in British Columbia and Alberta, we achieve higher-than-average rates of interest for our investors.

Since 1973, First Island has based its success on a thorough evaluation process of borrowing applicants, and our firm's in-house real estate expertise.

A team of professionals is behind each investment, providing hands-on services from investment selection and approval by an independent lending committee, through to completion of the real estate project. First Island maintains an active role throughout the duration of all projects, applying its proven management system to each development.

This selection process and management expertise generates high quality real estate investments and solid investment performance for our clients.

The Owners and Directors of First Island are all successful real estate investors' and their experience is employed to generate consistent above-average returns on a long-term basis.  Serving more than 500 investors accounts, our secured investment vehicle is a desirable component of any well balanced portfolio.

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First Island Financial Services Ltd.
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Victoria, BC V8W 1R8

P: (250) 388-5441
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